Company Province Product Category
ONEJECT INDONESIA, PT West Java Cannulae, Catheters, etc, Needles, Syringes,
MERDEKA ASTIGA LEATHER, PD West Java Belts and Bandoilers of Leather, etc, Handbags With Outer Surface of Leather, Hats & Other Headgear, Jacket of Leather, Knitted/croch or Made up From Lace, N.E.S, Oth. Text. Fabrics, Oth. Trunks, Suitcase,
LION METALWORKS Tbk, PT DKI Jakarta Armoured/Reinforced Safes, Card-index Cabinets, Door & Safes Deposit Lockers, etc, Filing Cabinets, Paper Sets, Paper/Pen Trays, Strong-boxes,
KIRIN GRIYA INDOTAMA, PT DKI Jakarta Batteries & Electric Accumulators, Electronic Equipment, etc, Waste & Scrap of Primary Cells,
HARTONO ISTANA TEKNOLOGI, PT DKI Jakarta Air Conditioning Machines Parts, Amplifier, Audio-frequency, Boiling Rings, Cassete-Player & Oth. Sound Reproducing Apparatus Parts, Cooking Plate, Earphones, Electro-mechanical Appl. (Vacuum Cleaner, etc, Floor Polish, Food Grinders & Mixtre, Freezes & Oth. Refrigerating/freezing Equip. Parts, Grillers, Headphones, Microphones, Oth. Ovens (Rice Cookers, Parts, Pocket Size Radio Cassete-Players, Reception App. For Television, record-palyers, Refrigerator, Roaster), Speakers, Television Cameras, Turntable (Record-decs), Video Monitor, Video Projector (colour Black & White or Oth. Monochr) Radio-broadcast Receiver, Wacuum Pumps Air Pumps,
ASTRA OTOPARTS Tbk, PT DKI Jakarta Bearings, Clutches, Electric Accumulators (Lead-Acid, etc, etc); Parts, Filtering/Purifying Machinery & Apparatus Gases, Flywheels, Gears, Lithium Ion, Nickel-cadmium, Nickel-iron, Oth. Parts & Accessories, Shaft Couplings, Transmission Shafts & Cranks,