Company Province Product Category
MUSIM MAS, PT North Sumatera Acylic Alcohol, Bath and Toilet Soap, Capric Acid, Crude Coconut Oil, Crude Palm Oils, Crude; Glycerol Waters, Glycerol (Glycerine), Industrial Stearic Acids Other Saturated Acylic Monocaboxylic Acids, Oil Cake & Oth. Solid Residues of Palm Nuts or Kernels, Oleic Acids, Oth. Industrial Monocarboxylic Acids, Other Acylic Amides, Other Copra Oils, Other Palm Kernel Oils, Other Palm Oils, Other Soaps, Shortening, Soap In Other Forms, Stearic Acid,
ADIMLIA SARIMAS INDONESIA, PT North Sumatera Bath and Toilet Soap, Other Palm Oils, Other Soaps,
SUMIATI EKSPOR INTERNASIONAL, PT Bali Album for Samples or Collections, Basketwork & the like of Oth. Veg. Materials, Basketwork & the like of Rattan, Boxes, Candles, Case, Crates, Drums & Similar Packing of Wood, Framed & Unframed Glass Mirrors, Hats & Other Headgear, Knitted/croch or Made up From Lace, Marble, Natural Stone, Oth. Blankets & Travelling Rugs of Nonwoven Fabrics, Oth. Glassware, Oth. Text. Fabrics, Oth. Than Hard Rubber, Other Palm Oils, Other Soaps, Other Wooden Furniture, Oyh. Articles of Iron/Steel, Petroleum Resins, Statuettes & Oth. Ornamental Ceramic Articles Oth. Than Porcelain or China, Statuettes & Oth. Ornaments of Wood, Suit Cases & the like, Tapers And The Like ., Travertine & Alabaster, Trunks, With Outer Surface of Leather, Wooden Cabinet Furniture,
SENSATIA BOTANICALS, PT Bali Beauty or Make-up preparationsfor the care of the skin, Other Soaps,