Indonesia Explores Trade Cooperation for Paper Products in Saudi Arabia

Jakarta – The penetration of paper product market continues to be conducted by Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Jeddah in Middle East region, especially Saudi Arabia. One of them by holding a meeting with importers of Indonesian paper products in Saudi Arabia.

This time, ITPC Jeddah held a meeting with Al Madinah Printing and Publication Co., a subsidiary of Saudi Printing & Packaging Company in Madinah City, Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

“This visit is at the request of Hosam Development Consulting to see the market and demand for Indonesian paper products in Saudi Arabia. In addition, this meeting is part of the 33rd Trade Expo Indonesia road show, “said Head of ITPC Gunawan in a written statement in Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).

Saudi Printing & Packaging Company is Saudi Arabia’s largest printing and packaging company. The company has five subsidiaries namely Hala Printing Co., FlexPack, ENPI Group, Campaigns, and Al Madinah Printing and Publication Co.

Al Madinah Printing and Publication is a printing company of the holy book of the Qur’an, newspapers, magazines, textbooks, and printing for commercial needs.

Ministry of Education and Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a client of Al Madinah Printing and Publication Co. The company prints all textbooks from elementary to college level.

In addition, the company also prints books related to the implementation of Hajj and Umrah. To meet the needs of clients, Al Madinah Printing and Publication Co. requires raw materials per year of 30 thousand-36 thousand tons of paper, 600 tons of ink, and 200 thousand m² plate. The paper needs of this company is widely supplied from the United States, Finland, China, and Indonesia.

To meet the needs of raw materials, Al Madinah Printing and Publication Co. brings paper from Indonesia of 3,000-4,000 tons per month with a value of USD 3.6 million-5 million.

“It is expected that Indonesian representatives can cooperate in meeting the needs of paper, ink, plates, machine support equipment and printing printing company in Saudi Arabia,” said Gunawan.

Consul General of Indonesia in Jeddah M Hery Saripudin added that Indonesian representatives will continue to encourage Indonesian companies to conduct business visits to accredited areas of the Consulate General of Jeddah. This is to increase the volume and value of trade transactions.

“The Economic and Trade Team of the Consulate General in Jeddah will continue to facilitate business meetings with potential prospective buyers for products from Indonesia,” Hery said.

Saudi Arabia is one of the 12th export destination countries for Indonesian paper products. The main export destination countries of paper products Indonesia, namely Japan, the United States, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and China. Based on trade statistics, the export value of paper products Indonesia to Saudi Arabia from 2013-2017 experienced a positive trend.

In 2013, the export value of this product to Saudi Arabia amounted to USD 120.89 million. This value increased in 2014 and 2015 to USD 133.21 million and USD 153.76 million. But in 2016 decreased by USD 92.65 million. Furthermore, in 2017 increased again to USD 108.94 million.

Meanwhile, export performance of paper products in January-February 2018 amounted to USD 21.45 million. This value increased 58.95 percent over the same period in 2017 of USD 13.42 million.

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