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Welcome to the Website of ITPC Jeddah

First of all, we would like to thank Almighty God. that has given us the opportunity to develop our new website.

As a Government Organization, ITPC  is a non profit institution under the coaching of the National Export Development Directorate (DJ PEN), International Trade Cooperation Directorate, and Foreign Trade Directorate of Ministry of Trade. Formation of ITPC Jeddah is aiming to help bridge the trade relations between Indonesia and Jeddah. The main duties and functions of the ITPC are:

  • Conducting the technical implementation of the trade promotion activities in foreign countries in order to increase the export of commodities of goods of non oil and gas as can be seen in The Regulation of the Minister of trade of INDONESIA number 10/M-DAG/PER/3/2010.
  • Promoting Indonesia export product to international market
  • Providing information on Indonesian products
  • Co-operation between  Indonesian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the ITPC region
  • Helping entrepreneurs in marketing their goods in the ITPC region
  • Increasing promotional activities and conduct business activities market tunneling.

In carrying out those functions, the ITPC Jeddah conducts market penetration, export promotion and information services through:

  1. Product promotion where Indonesia plays an active role in an international exhibition and facilitate Indonesian entrepreneurs to be able to participate in the exhibition
  2. Networking with organizations related to trade
  3. Help to find suitable importers and exporters for Indonesian products
  4. Help exporters who want to develop their market in Saudi Arabia
  5. Perform market intelligence against trade policies in Saudi Arabia and potentialities of products that will fit into the market of Saudi Arabia
  6. Assist business meetings between importers and exporters
  7. Provide market brief, statistical data and data exporters and importers
  8. Provide promotional media regarding export products of Indonesia and by facilitating Indonesian entrepreneurs to participate in the activities of a sales pitch (exhibition) in a large-scale international which will be held in Saudi Arabia
  9. Provide permanent display room for the export products of Indonesia in ITPC ‘s Office in Jeddah
  10. Provide website which can be utilized by the entrepreneur Indonesia and Saudi Arabia as a source of information on business opportunities in Saudi Arabia and some of Middle East Countries to Indonesian exporters and vice versa to give information about potential export products of Indonesia to the importers.
  11. Facilitates various activities of trade mission, buying mission, business matching, and more.

This website is present to you in order to continue to improve our services in the trade relations between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. We wish that the information provided in the websites will fulfilled the needs of the information about business opportunities in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

We would like to thank all those who cooperated with us to present ITPC Jeddah website to the public. In addition, we are hoping that visitors can give us comments and suggestions to continuously improve our website and services.

Thank You.