Herbs and Spices

Thursday June 11th, 2020 Abdul Aziz Anuz 0

Based on data from the Trade statistics for international business development from the UN Comtrade for the past five years, the value of Indonesia’s exports for commodities with HS-21 code (Miscellaneous edible preparations) including continuous […]

Aerospace Industry

Monday January 15th, 2018 Muhammad Z. Felemban 0

Aerospace is the space that surrounds and encompasses the earth, composed of air space and space. It usually refers to an industry that researches, designs, manufactures, and launches, and maintains an aircraft that flies into […]

Vaccines for Human Use

Thursday August 24th, 2017 Gunawan Marto Singodirejo 0

    Vaksin berasal dari bahasa latin vacca (sapi) dan vaccinia (cacar sapi). Vaksin adalah bahan antigenik yang digunakan untuk menghasilkan kekebalan aktif terhadap suatu penyakit sehingga dapat mencegah atau mengurangi pengaruh infeksi oleh organisme alami atau liar. Vaksin dapat berupa galur […]

Indonesia Rattan

Wednesday June 15th, 2016 Ertri Priskila Sakanti 0

Rattan is the name given to hundreds palm species. Most rattan is processed and used for furniture and baskets. In the rattan industry, Indonesia occupies a unique position in the world. Indonesia is the world’s […]