Herbs and Spices

Based on data from the Trade statistics for international business development from the UN Comtrade for the past five years, the value of Indonesia’s exports for commodities with HS-21 code (Miscellaneous edible preparations) including continuous cooking spices increased.

In 2012 the value of Indonesia’s exports to Saudi Arabia for commodities with HS21 was USD 14.4 million, in 2013 valued at USD 12.9 million, in 2014
worth USD 13.5 million, in 2015 worth USD 14.4 and in 2016 worth USD 15.7
million. While the value of Saudi Arabia’s imports from all over the world for the past five years since 2012 was valued at USD 1.38 billion, in 2013 valued at USD 1.5 billion, year 2014 worth USD 1.54 billion, in 2015 worth USD 1.62 billion, and in 2016 is valued at USD 1.47 billion. In 2016, Indonesia was ranked 22nd in commodity suppliers HS-21 with a value of USD 29.8 million, Malaysia ranked 20th with a value of USD 16.14 million, and China ranked 21st worth USD 15.86 million. Indonesia supplies 1.07% of the total needs of Saudi Arabia. Whereas the five biggest HS-21 commodity exporting countries to Saudi Arabia are Ireland (USD 369.5 million), United States (USD 129.5 million), United Arab Emirates (USD 118.5 million), Egypt (USD 77.6 million), and Denmark (USD 72.5 million). Indonesia still has great potential to enter the Saudi Arabian market. Para The entrepreneur must continue to improve the quality of his product to fill bigger market in Saudi Arabia.


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