Indonesian Promotion Center Opens in Jeddah

The Indonesian Product Promotion Center was launched at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) here recently.

Delivering the keynote address, Sri Agustina, secretary general in the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, said: “Based on the World Bank’s projected growth, the global economy is projected to increase 2.6 percent in 2016 and continue to rise to 3.1 percent in 2017-18. We expect this number to act as an indicator for a much better economy in the future, and we can take advantage from it by strengthening economic relationship between the two countries.”

“Until February 2016, Indonesian non-oil and gas export performance was slowing down, it showed 9.89 percent decrease compared to last year’s export value. However, there are several products indicated to have promising export growth ranging from 1 to 20 percent such as automotive parts, jewelry, footwear, garment, coffee, tea and spices and other products as cocoa, iron and steel, and processed food.”

Sri Agustina continued: “With regard to these issues and to support national export development, the Indonesian Ministry of Trade has implemented several strategies:

First, diversifying export market and products by developing value-added products and increase their competitiveness. Secondly, carrying out promotion through trade mission, exhibition, in-store promotion and establishing promotion centers in several main cities around the world including Jeddah.

Thirdly, increasing the role of lobbying and trade diplomacy with other countries either in bilateral, regional, or multilateral scheme. Lastly, supporting infrastructure development for value-chain product development.

“In 2016, with all these strategies taken by the government and active participation from Indonesian businessmen, we optimized that the export growth can be push to rise by 9 percent compared to the previous year,” Agustina said.

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