ITPC Jeddah received a visit from instant coffee importers

The Head of ITPC Jeddah, Mr. Muhammad Rivai Abbas and Deputy Head of ITPC Jeddah, Mr. Azman Ridha received Mr. Adel Qasem, owner of Jozor Al-Ittifaq Est. at the new ITPC office in Zagzoog Business Tower on Monday, 28/2/2021.
During the visit, Rivai and Azman offered a variety of Indonesian products whose samples had just been received by ITPC Jeddah, including specialty coffee, instant coffee, processed papaya, ginger, spices, virgin coconut oil. virgin palm oil, chips, brownies, and chocolate drinks.
Mr. Adel expressed his interest in several products offered, including virgin coconut oil, soy chips, and instant ginger. However, due to the pandemic condition that has not subsided Mr. Adel, who is also the owner of a large supermarket in the Makkah region, still has to carefully calculate the potential future market considering that the implementation of Hajj and Umrah – especially for pilgrims from Indonesia – has not been decided

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