Competition Videography Theme “Promotion Of Indonesian Products”



Main prizes for three main winners, as follow:

  • First Winner            : 1.500 SAR
  • Second Winner      : 1.000 SAR
  • Third Winner           :    500 SAR          


Likes winners, as follow:

    • Most LIKES on Facebook        : 300 SAR
    • Most LIKES on Instagram        : 300 SAR
    • Most LIKES on Youtube           : 300 SAR

100 favourite winners will receive prize bag of various Indonesian products.


Participant Requirements:

1. Participants are citizens of Saudi Arabia, foreign citizens, and Indonesian citizens who live in Saudi Arabia.

2. Employee and family members of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Jeddah cannot participate in the competition.

Rules of competition:

3. The video must describe Indonesian products in the KSA market, using Arabic language;

4.The video must be creative and original, also describing the interaction between the participant and Indonesian products in KSA;

5. At the end of the video, participants must say the words “SAYA SUKA PRODUK INDONESIA“, meaning “I like Indonesian products”.

6. The video must not contain sensitive issues (include hates or racism) or violates the national laws in KSA;

7. Video duration is between 30 to 60 seconds, in landscape mode, high resolution (1080p) and MP4 format. Participants are welcome to use smartphone or professional video camera.

8. The video must never been included in any competition and not currently participate in other video competitions;

9. Each participant is allowed to submit up to 2 (two) videos to the Competition Committee, via email to ;

10. In the email, participants must attach their identity, namely: name, Instagram / Facebook / Youtube account, residential address, email, mobile number, and Iqamah / Saudi Student Card;

11. Participants must follow the Instagram accounts of @KJRIJeddah and @itpc.jeddah and Facebook accounts of KJRIJeddah and ITPCJeddah and YouTube accounts of KJRIJeddah and ITPC Jeddah . Participants must also repost the competition announcement in their social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, or others);

12. All videos included in the contest must be uploaded to the participant’s instagram account mentioning Instagram accounts of @KJRIJeddah and @itpc.jeddah and using the hashtag #lombavideokjrijeddah2020 ;

13. The video must be made in the period from 1 to 30 May 2020 and received by the committee no later than 30 May 2020, at 23:00 (11pm);

14. The winners will be announced on 15 June 2020 on Instagram accounts @KJRIJeddah and  @itpc.jeddah and on Facebook accounts KJRIJeddah and ITPCJeddah ;

15. The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesian in Jeddah has the right to use / publish submitted videos to the Competition Committee for promotional purposes. The Consulate is exempt from the demands of third parties (video objects) if the video is needed for other purposes, including commercial;

16.  The Competition Committee’s decision shall be final and uncontested;

17.  This competition is free of charge;

18. For more information or questions, please contact the Competition Committee:

Email   :

Whatsapp       :

  • Desy          +966 503 065 910
  • Aziz            +966 507 554 107
  • Taufik       +966 502 384 357
  • Didik          +966 501 306 683
  • Fachrul     +966 547 252 942
  • Facebook account     : KJRIJeddah
  • Instagram account     : @KJRIJeddah
  • Facebook account     : ITPCJeddah
  • Instagram account     : @itpc.jeddah



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